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Archive of the Journal of Anderson Zouaves Research

ZOUAVE! was published from March 2007 until August 2015. Originally it appeared as the newspaper of the 62d NYSV Co. F Living History group, it became the journal of Anderson Zouaves Research in its later form.

ZOUAVE! is a free journal and readers are encouraged to share the pdf file or printed versions of it and distribute as they will

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William F. V. Lewis
62d NYSV Veteran

Number 68 - August 2015

General Oscar V. Dayton
Cpl. Charles Wesley Allen 62d NYSV Co. G
Christopher Daley 62d NYSV Co. A
Excerpts from the Diary of Nelson P Dolbeck - November 1861

Number 67 - May 2015

Captain George H. Moeser Co. F
Assistant Surgeon William Wallace Bidlack Co. S
Excerpts from the Diary of Nelson P. Dolbeck - October 1861

Number 66 - November 2014

62d NYSV Veteran Patrick Hefferin
Excerpts from the Diary of Nelson P. Dolbeck - September 1861
Dear Covell Was Dead
The Anderson Zouaves in Pen and Press

Number 65 - May 2014

The Unique Cpl. Samuel Upson of Co. H
Excerpts form the Diary of Nelson P. Dolbeck - August 1861
The Anderson Zouaves in Pen and Press
Theodore Johnston's Discharge Paper

Number 64 - February 2014

Excerpts from the Diary of Nelson P. Dolbeck - July 1861
The Anderson Zouaves in Pen and Press
Lt. Magee's Sword
The Mystery of George A. Harrison, 62nd New York Infantry
Moses Strauss - A Correction
Pvt. Robert F. Stevenson (Stephenson) 62d NYSV Co. A.
Pvt. George Atkinson 62d NYSV
1st Lt. Charles R. Sterling (Stirling)

Number 63 - October 2013

Excerpts from the Diary of Nelson P Dolbeck - June 1861
The Anderson Zouaves in Pen and Press

Number 62 - July 2013

Nelson P. Dolbeck's Diary
Excerpts from the Diary of Nelson P. Dolbeck - May 1861
The Anderson Zouaves in Pen and Press
Australian AZ Re-enactors at Gettysburg
1st Sgt. Edward Prince 62d NYSV Co, F & Co. H
1st Lt. William Barnett 62d NYSV
Capt. Sanford Dockstader 62d NYSV Co. I

Number 61 - April 2013

Principal Musician Moses Strauss 62d NYSV Co. I
1st Leiutenant William L. Knobloch 62d NYSV Co. F
Corporal Richard Flannigan (Flanigan) 62d NYSV Co. G
Private Lawrence A. Gaffney 62d NYSV Co. K & Co. D
Private Thomas G. Fuller 62d NYSV Co. D
Private Joseph Carl Fuglein 62d NYSV Co. I
1st Sgt. Henry H. Tucker 62d NYSV Co. C & Co. K
The Anderson Zouaves in Pen and Press

Number 60 - January 2013

Pvt. Cornelius Dixon 62d NY & 51st NY Infantries 
Edward Fagan Musician 62d NYSV
Drummer Charles H. Billson 62d NYSV
Sgt. George James Diehl 62d NYSV Co. F
Pvt. Herman Eissenkramer 62d NYSV Co. G & Co. I
Sgt. William Peck Alcott 62d NYSV Co. D
Pvt. Daniel B. Ames 62d NYSV Co. A
The Anderson Zouaves

Number 59 - October 2012

Elusive, Estranged Great Grandfather Memorialized
Pvt. Gabriel Kubli (Coobly) 62d NYSV Co. H.
Pvt. Henry O. Musculus 62d NYSV Co. H.
An Irish Soldier's Wartime Letter
Pvt. Sylvester Keely 62d NYSV Co. I & Co. G.
The Anderson Zouaves
General Oscar Veniah Dayton's Grave

Number 58 - August 2012

Lt. Daniel Mittnacht 62d NYSV
Lt. Joseph John Yates 62d NYSV
Joseph E. Hudson - Deserter?
Surgeon Francis Grimes 62d NYSV
Cpl. Barney Ebner Co. H & Co. F 62d NYSV
The Anderson Zouaves
Fourth of July (Franklin Repository) 1859

Number 57 - July 2012

Enlisting Time
Pvt. William B. Marsha 62d NYSV Co. K.
Cpl. Ira Rix Marsh 62d NYSV Co. G.
A Very Messed Up Tale
The Anderson Zouaves

Number 56 - June 2012

Pvt. Frank Miner 62d NYSV Co. B.
Lt. Martin Bergan 62d NYSV Co. A.
Sgt. Oscar Buffington 62d NYSV Co. E.
Sgt. Christian Crimm 62d NYSV Co. F.
Pvt. John C. Child 62d NYSV Co. D.
The Anderson Zouaves
Sherman's Description of U.S. Army Structure
Union Home and School for Soldiers' Children

Number 55 - May 2012

Pvt. Hugh Tierney 62d NYSV Co. G.
Pvt. Edward Cody 62d NYSV Co. C.
Pvt. Alfred Ralph 62d NYSV Co. C.
Lt. William Milligan 62d NYSV Co. A.
Sgt. Adam Burt 62d NYSV Co. A.
The Anderson Zouaves

Number 54 - April 2012

Lt. James Mackey 62d NYSV Co. G.
Sgt. Nelson Bancroft 62d NYSV Co. G
Pvt. George Thomas 62d NYSV Co. G
The Anderson Zouaves
Mr. E. Gorman Regt. Sutler (1861)
Dayton Arrested (1861)
National Homes for Disabled Soldiers
Samuel W. Crawford
Hook & Ladder Co. No. 7

Number 53 - March 2012

62d NYSV Veteran Timothy Kelley
62d NYSV Co. F Veteran William Ackerman
62d NYSV Veteran Otto Arndt 
Edgar S. Lundy's Colt Revolver
The Anderson Zouaves
It Doesn't Suit Our Fellows

Number 52 - February 2012

New Picture of William Knobloch
The Anderson Zouaves
62d NYSV Veteran Christopher Charters
The John Cooley Question
New Info on 62d NY Veteran Solomon Berlin

Number 51 - Christmas 2011

Christmas in the Civil War
The Anderson Zouaves

Number 50 - October 2011

The Anderson Zouaves
The Colonels of the Regiment
Hotel Zouave Awarded Best Historical Campsite
Platte County Civil War Documents

Number 49 - September 2011

The Bowie Knife Fight (1861)
Fragment of NC Battle Flag
The Anderson Zouaves
Newly-Found Civil War POW Camp
Brooklyn Chasseurs

Number 48 - July 2011

NY Project Identifies Civil War Graves
The Anderson Zouaves
The Stampede Became Even More Frightful

Number 47 - June 2011

Frank Scotti's 62d NYSV Documents - Part 3
The Anderson Zouaves
Civil War Buffs Enlist
Civil War Records Online

Number 46 - April 2011

Frank Scotti's 62d NYSV Documents - Part 2
The Anderson Zouaves
Garry "Mappo" Mappin Memorial Camp
The War Between the Stats
Civil War Newspapers Online

Number 45 - March 2011

Frank Scotti's 62d NYSV Documents
The Little Zouave (1862)
Lincoln Closes His Inauguration Speech
Conf. Descendants Mark 150th Anniversary
Crimean Zouave Badge

Number 44 - February 2011

Vale Garry Mappin
Theodore Johnston's Discharge Certificate
Americans Indians in the Civil War
Coded Civil War Message Deciphered
The Situation in the Country
Two Presidents Elect
Museum Puts 360,000 Civil War Soldiers Online

Number 43 - December 2010

NY Town to Honour Alfred Covell Woods
Confederate Records Found
Maine's Civil War Stories Available Online
Soldier's Food
Civil War Recipes

Number 42 - November 2010

The Girl I Left Behind Me
Charles Buck Whitcomb
Though Lincoln is Elected, There is No Danger
Captain John Lockwood
4th Annual School of the Soldier
Canadian Pontifical Zouaves in Eastview

Number 41 - October 2010

Sgt. A.C. Woods' Cenotaph
Byron M. Pickett
4th Annual School of the Soldier
What is a Zouave?
Lucretia Mott's Anti-Slavery Speech
Mrs. Putnam's Baked Beans (1860)

Number 40 - September 2010

Stop the Shicken!
He Met a Soldier's Death
Still of Martial Spirit
Major William Milligan
James Walker
Major Archaeological Find
Update on A.C. Woods' Diary
Company Orders
Military History Weekend

Number 39 - August 2010

Essex County Notes
Civil War Soldiers' Graves Online Database
Tennesseans Asked to Share Heirlooms
Why Doctor Gatling Invented His Gun

Number 38 - July 2010

Mary Todd Lincoln Documents
Rare Photo of Slave Children
John Burns - Hero of Gettysburg

Number 37 - June 2010

Vale Thomas Schnell

Anniversary Prompts Records Push

Steamboat Charlie

Champions of the World

62d NYSV Veteran Honoured

Historia de los Zuavos de Anderson

“The Re-Enactor” Magazine

Stichting Nederlands Zouavenmuseum

Number 36 - May 2010

New Info on 62d NY Veteran Thomas G. Flynn
Tennesee Historians Search for Civil War Relics
NY Museum of Firefighting Artefact

Number 35 - April 2010

John Cooley Co. G. 62d NYSV
The Fight at Bethel
A "Demoralized" Soldier
New Southern Documents Available
Taminick Military Weekend

Number 34 - March 2010

3rd Annual School of the Soldier
Veterans Grave Preservation
Lisa Meyer Wins Music Award
Captain William Hawley's Chasseur Cap
"Zouave" Letters
Chaplains in the War

Number 33 - February 2010

Harrison Tice 1912 G.A.R. Photograph
Austin & Eben Chapman 62d NYSV Veterans
New Information on 5th NCST Veterans
General Guide Flags
3rd Annual School of the Soldier

Number 32 - December 2009

62d NYSV Veteran W. Harrison Tice
Company Awarded Tombeau d'Or
New 62d NYSV Soldier Biographies
New Year's Day in the North
The Essex Company
3rd Annual School of the Soldier 2010
Union Christmas Dinner
Photograph of Zouave Veterans
The First Regiment United States Chasseurs
Louisiana Insignia
Numbers 77. Report of Lt. Colonel Thourot
Private Cohen Pleads Guilty
Incidents of the Battle of Fair Oaks
Her Name Was Olsen
Terc de Suavos 1934
General Benjamin Dana Fearing - Part 2
Captain David S. French

Number 31 - November 2009

General Benjamin Fearing (Part 1)
Northernmost Battle of the Civil War
Reprint of Fitzgerald Ross' 1865 Book
Sgt. Boston Corbett
A Day in the Life of a Confederate Soldier
Call to Save HMVS Cerberus
George Lawrence 128th Indiana Volunteers

Number 30 - October 2009

21st August Anniversary Tradition Continues
From the Writings of Jane Swisshelm
War Scenes in Syracuse & Onondaga County
Illinois Zouave Greys
Captain Sally L. Tompkins
"They Will Plunder and They Won't Fight"
Tunes from the Crooked Road

Number 29 - September 2009

148th Anniversary Commemoration

Timothy Kelly Co. K.

Military History Weekend

“Voices Hushed and Still”

62d NYSV Patches

Louisiana Zouave Artefacts

Number 28 - August 2009

Australian Zouave Photograph

Presentation of Colors

Col. Ferri-Pisani Describes the American General

Rats a Luxury

Number 27 - July 2009

62nd N.Y.S.V. Veteran Smith E. Slocum
Feri-Pisani Describes the Confederate Soldier
Union Veteran's Headstone to Return to N.Y.
"I'm Bound for Dixie"
General Lee's Socks

Number 26 - June 2009

Col. Ferri-Pisani Describes General McClellan
145 Years Overdue!
A Chinaman From Rebeldom
19th Alabama Re-enactment Group
6th Corps Officers' Mess Dinner
Memoranda During The War - Walt Whitman

Number 25 - May 2009

Prince Napoleon and the New York Zouaves
Speckled Enamelware

Number 24 - April 2009

The Death of "Stonewall" Jackson
Australian Priest, Veteran of Papal Zouaves
Two Sizes - Too Big & Too Small
150th Anniversary of the Battle of Manassas
McClellan's Wild Indians
The Papal Zouaves

Number 23 - March 2009

School of the Soldier
The Dog Robbers At “My Space”
Our Captain Silvestre Flies The Flag
Australian Veteran Of The Papal Zouaves

Number 22 - February 2009

Vale - Jon Latimer
Jon Latimer's Funeral and Wake
BBC Tribute to "Inspirational" Author
Jon Latimer - In His Own Words
Tribute to Jon Latimer
Gettysburg Peace Light Monument Vandalism
2nd Annual School of the Soldier - update

Number 21 - January 2009

2nd Annual School of the Soldier

At The Battle of The Wilderness

The Original Gorilla

Letters to Mother

Number 20 - December 2008

A Merry Christmas

Thanksgiving Dinner

A Yankee Soldier

Civil War Veteran Dead

Junaluskee Zouaves

Civil War Guitar

Number 19 - November 2008

Company Thanksgiving
William Watt Sherman
Surgeon Simpson's Marching Song
Women's Wool Zouave Jacket
Two Brothers, One South, One North.
Sports and Pastimes.
Incidents of the Battle of Fair Oaks.
"Damn You Gentlemen..."

Number 18 - October 2008

Line Zouaves at Camp Taminick
1st New York Light Artillery at Camp Taminick
The End of Them
Charge of the Black Horse Cavalry 
Perryville "Refought"

Number 17 - September 2008

Uniforms of Civil War Vivandieres
Vivandiere Uniform
Discussion on the Arms of the 62d NYSV

Number 16 - August 2008

Spanish - Australian Brotherhood
Captain William Ackerman
More Links to Veteran Charles H. Travis
New Information on Company "A" Veteran
Australian Zouaves at "Der Kaiser Kommt"
Company Publications Page
Antique Horse Pistol
Membership Update

Number 15 - July 2008

Company “Muster” Dinner
Wild and Warlike
The Irish Connection
A Lady on Camping Out
War News (1861)
Collecting Supplies (1861)
Soldier John D. Billings on Army Food (1861)

Number 14 - June 2008

Company Muster Dinner
Company F. Descendant
Honourary Captaincy
Animal Mascots of the Civil War (Part 2)
Civil War Recipes

Number 13 - May 2008

Songs of the Soldier (1864)
Animal Mascots of the Civil War
Selah H. Fish
Conversations with the Enemy Pickets (1863)
Civil War Recipes
S.N.Y. Painted Maple Wood Base Drum
Women's Zouave Jacket

Number 12 - April 2008

"Camp of Instruction"
Astute "Col" Dwight!
62nd NYSV Line Zouave Uniform

Number 11 - March 2008

School of the Soldier Great Success
Anderson's Gift
LHRG Insurance and AGM

Number 10 - February 2008

School of the Soldier - March 2008
Spunkey Girls
Women of the American Civil War

Number 9 - December 2007

School of the Soldier
Margaret Larkin 62nd NYSV Company C
Bridget Divers "Michigan Bridget"
Roger Hughes' "A Letter from Australia"
A Woman in Soldier's Clothes

Number 8 - November 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner a Great Success
J.L. Riker Post, No. 62. 12th Annual Dance (1883)
Colonel Theodore B. Hamilton
Re-enactors Permit Update

Number 7 - October 2007

Anderson Zouaves at Taminick
Thanksgiving Dinner Planning
Company F Civil War Wargaming Group
Re-enactors Permit

Number 6 - September 2007

Research on Co. F Veteran
The 'Zouave Rifle'
Original 'Zouave Rifle' at Auction
"Thrilling Stories Of The Great Rebellion" (1866)

Number 5 - August 2007

Anderson Zouaves at St. Peter's Colonial Ball
International Contacts
Uniform and Arms of the Anderson's Zouaves
New Members
American Civil War Zouaves at Blogspot
Insurance News
RAHS Affiliation Fee Paid

Number 4 - June 2007

Company Dinner a Roaring Success
Les Zouaves Website
Friends Remember Gallant Riker
Southern Confederacy Dead
Insurance Update
New York Eating House

Number 3 - May 2007

Anderson Zouaves at the National Skirmish Event
3rd Annual Co. F Dinner Invite
Insurance News
Recommended Viewing

Number 2 - April 2007

Anderson Zouaves at Holey Plains
The Zouave Captain and the Chicken Thieves
Song of the Regiment
Bawdy House Case
We'd Rather Stay Where We Are

Number 1 - March 2007

Website Does it Again
ALHF Delay
Co. I Website
Anderson Zouaves in Germany

Journal of Anderson Zouaves Research (Archive)

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